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Effective Meetings

(Durations of Courses: 1 Day)

This course is aimed at developing the skills and techniques required to maximise the effectiveness of meetings. It is particularly relevant to those who chair or plan to chair meetings on a regular basis.

The objectives of the course are:

  • To describe the basic principles of conducting effective meetings
  • To develop a range of practical skills and techniques.
  • To chair a meeting using these skills and techniques.

Course Overview:

The structure of effective meetings

  • the steps involved
  • how meetings are structured
  • pre-meeting planning and organisation

The skills required

  • skills and techniques needed to chair meetings
  • the role of the chair
  • the role of the minute taker
  • the role of the attendee

Keeping control

  • identifying clear aims and objectives
  • dealing with difficult people and situations
  • checklist of tips and tactics
  • Series of meetings chaired by delegates


Action planning and feedback


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