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Presentation Skills

(Durations of Courses: 1 Day)

This course is aimed at developing the skills required to make effective presentations to clients, give briefings to staff and make contributions at meetings and conferences.

The objectives of the course are:

  • To describe the principles of effective presentation.
  • To develop techniques and skills aimed at improving performance.
  • To be able to apply these skills and techniques in daily activities.

Course Overview:

  • Effective communication
    • the stages involved
    • the skills required
    • instructional techniques
  • Presentation planning
    • the structure
    • the sequence of ideas
    • rehearsal
  • Developing materials
    • developing your script
    • preparing visual aids
    • producing hand-outs
  • Presentation delivery
    • effective body language
    • holding attention and keeping control
    • summarising and handling questions
    • delivery and feedback
  • Action planning and feedback

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