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Free HR Audits

November 25th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Audit | HR Audit - (0 Comments)

What is an HR Audit?An HR audit is a means by which you can measure where your organisation currently stands and determine what it needs to accomplish to improve its human resources function. It involves systematically reviewing all aspects of human resources, using a checklist method to ensure that employment legislations and company policies are being adhered to. Note that audits are a learning or discovery tool, not a test.

What the Free Audit will cover?

November 25th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Audit | HR Audit - (0 Comments)

The Audit will cover an initial exploratory meeting, to gain understanding of your organisation’s purpose, values and current objectives.

A review of HR functions and documentation covering terms and conditions and HR policy & procedures.

We will also focus on common HR trouble spots for SMEs.

We will produce a standard report outlining initial findings and highlighting priorities in line with current Employment Legislation and Best Practice aligned to the current organisation climate.

All of the above including in-depth reviews of Legal Compliance, Terms & Conditions, Policies and Procedures (including employee handbook), Inductions, Records System/Maintenance (including Files Technology), Pay and Benefits, Recruitment and Selection, Terminations, Employee Relations, Training and Development, Communication and a review of your Policies against your Practices.

For a Full Audit we will produce a detailed business report outlining initial findings and highlighting suggested priorities in line with Employment Legislation and Best Practice aligned to the current organisational climate, this will be produced in the format of a 12 month plan, it is then down to the business to review and decide which areas to focus on first.

A comprehensive review such as this will ensure your HR function is compliant and that there are clear strategic plans for addressing short and long term opportunities.
Why conduct an HR Audit?

  •  To ensure your business is fully compliant with current legislation and best practice.
  •   To ensure the effective use of your company’s human resources.
  •   To review compliance with a myriad of administrative regulations.
  •   To instil a sense of confidence in management and the human resources function that it is well managed and prepared to meet potential challenges.
  •   To maintain or enhance the company’s reputation in the community.
  •   To perform a “due diligence” review for shareholders or potential investors/owners.

To benefit the business by identifying areas of risk and potential issues that may damage employee relations or worse, business reputation